About us

Tormáximos is a very innovative company that has been working in production of technical components with high level of precision in small, medium and large scale for over 40 years. We are able to work with stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and technical plastics.

Our main business is precision engineering meeting the client’s expectations, needs and offering all the technical consulting and advising, from the planning to the execution, to lead our client’s project to the success. Our clients can count with specialized and skilled team capable of provide the best solutions for each challenge.

Quality and service are our main concerns that permit us guarantee the reliability and the technical precision to our clients.

Our success is the result of the harvest of our trained professionals with years of experience that are never tired of looking for and implementing new ideas. Tormáximos has a team well prepared (with proper education and formation and with several years of experience in precision engineering) that are always looking forward for an opportunity to put their new ideas in action. Each day they work harder to be more efficient, with higher level of precision and quality. Our employees are always learning (in our facilities working as a team, in outsourced workshops and trainings with our suppliers).

Along the time, the continuous development of our company has been an important part of our business policy and was responsible for our evolution and international reputation. Such steady and solid growth will continue to be our goal.

We are proud to have business relationships with leading Customers with over 30 years of loyalty.

Are you…

… looking for help to transform your idea/project into reality in the most efficient, competitive and precision way?

… searching for a reliable and recognized supplier, with quality guarantee with best prices and fastest shipment?

TORMÁXIMOS is the partner that you are looking for!

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